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The government informatization construction enterprises Software custom development

Our service / OUR SERVICE

We have our own development、Design、The implementation、Marketing in a body specialized team,According to the enterprise need to tailor customized professional management software,Our professional,Let your information management it's as simple as that!

  • Custom software developmentSoftware custom development

    According to the enterprise need to tailor customized professional management software,Our professional Let your information management it's as simple as that……

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  • Web site productionThe website construction

    The government affairs website、Corporate web site、The portal site、Electric business platform、Mobile web site、OASystem, etc……

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  • Optimization promotionSEOOptimization promotion

    SEOSearch engine optimization services,Baidu、Google、Sogou、Good search, etc,SEMIntegrated marketing promotion service, etc……

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  • MobileAPPDevelopmentMobileAPPDevelopment

    APPPlanning、InterfaceUIDesign、Interaction design、APPDevelopment、APPMarketing operations such as series of professional services, etc……

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  • Micro marketingThe website development

    WeChat public accounts managed、WeChat marketing,Micro sites、Micro say hello、To make an appointment、The membership card、Coupons、Scratch music, etc……

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Nine days assets successful online customer management system

Nine days Customer management system is a strong breeze for nine days of asset management of science and technology(Yichang)Tailor development co., LTD,The system of investment clients、Borrowing customers electronic management,Customer documents、Borrowing contract after scanning uploaded to the system permanently

The software works / CASE More and more+

Here are some custom development project case for your reference,We are committed to provide customers tailored professional management software customization,To go throughITInformation technology to improve the production of the enterprise operational efficiency,Reduce operating costs,Make the enterprise profit maximization。