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Zhengzhou runaway technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in industrial color LCD module and industrial-grade signal generator product research and development、Production、Sales and technical services in one high-tech enterprises。The company since its establishment,Has been committed to industrial color LCD display solutions and industrial-grade signal generator product research and development and production。With we showed in industry and industrial control fields such as years of experience,Companies always adhere to constant innovation、Constantly improve the technical level of philosophy, and constantly to enhance investment in research and development in this field。       



Continuous innovation is the source of enterprise survival and development and motivation,To create the most competitive in thick plate products enterprises,Must build strong innovation atmosphere,Always support the worker innovation。

The good faith

The good faith

Cover letter,Then can about everybody。Human behavior,As with the good faith for this。People only keep good faith,To win the trust of others;A person is only good faith,To make the world friends。

Win-win situation

Win-win situation

Have a common interest,Have a common goal,There may be a win-win。Personal power is very weak,A punch is four hands,Should be integrated into the society,Is closely related to the environment。

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